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You’re 18, you’ve done your exams and you’ve decided to take a year off before starting the serious business of university study. What now? A gap year in Melbourne of course!

A phenomenal city with a ton of things to see, places to visit and jobs to be done, you can guarantee that your working holiday visa will go a long way. Pack your bag and get on that plane, we give you the reasons why Melbourne is the place to see during your gap year!

How to Rock Your Gap Year in Melbourne

  • Melbourne has been voted “The Most Liveable City in the World” for more than three years running. There’s a reason for this! Excellent food, excellent places, excellent people and Melbourne just continues to excel.
  • You can walk through history here, literally. St Paul’s Cathedral (not the one in London) can be seen from corners of Flinders Street and Swanston Street. Incidentally one of our fabulous apartment complexes is handily located on Flinders Street so if you’re looking for somewhere to stay that’s massively local to the best sites, head over to com.au. St Paul’s was built in the 1880s so you can really appreciate the history under your feet. If you’re going to be studying history it’ll interest you and even if you’re not, why not learn something new about a time centuries ago?
  • Gap year students tend to be…let’s say financially disadvantaged, hence the reason for a working holiday visa. So the best thing to hear about a city is free transport right? Right! The City Circle Tram is actually one of the best ways to get around and it won’t cost you a thing. They run every Sunday through to Wednesday from 10am-6pm and Thursday to Saturday 10am-9pm.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are 8 or 18, everyone loves to see giraffes and large mammals and where better place for a day off than Melbourne Zoo? A little fun fact for you is that it’s actually Australia’s oldest zoo and has more than 350 different species of animal including the Eastern Bongo which is a critically endangered but beautiful antelope.


There are enough things to do in Melbourne to keep you busy all day whether you’re at work or exploring the city but where do you go to rest your head after the sun sets? You want holiday accommodation that is good value, comfortable and if you’re lucky, has a gym! Apartments of Melbourne serviced apartments are designed with the independent traveller in mind. We have everything from hot showers, comfortable Kingcoil beds and that all important coffee machine so you can have café style quality coffee every morning you’re visiting. Have a home away from home during your adventures and make sure you get the best out of your visit. Of course, Australia has so much to offer a gap year student, but make your start in Melbourne, we hold the bar high for the rest of the country!


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Companies these days are in a race when it comes to establishing a solid online presence.  They have recognized the potential that they can utilize of the online audiences and they are trying their best to maximize their presence as they can. This can be a bit tough though, especially if one were to consider the number of similar sites that can be found on the web these days. This is why some techniques have to be used to allow one to get a better online visibility and presence over their competition.

A very common way for people to get a better ranking in search results this to tap the service of SEO firms at www.paperbackwebsitedesign.co.uk. This can be a sound idea due to the fact that these are firms that are deemed experts when it comes to improving the overall ranking of sites when they appear in search results. This is also a good way for websites to gain better presence online and to be able to get noticed more by their intended recipients. Now, you just have to find the right firm that can assist you.

Start with identifying the names of your prospects, you will want to do your own research to find out the name of the more credible providers that are present where you are. Use this opportunity to gather as many names as you can to ensure that at the end of the day, you have providers that will not disappoint and can be expected to really live up to your expectations. Gathering suggestions from others would be a good way to increase the names of prospects that you have too.

SEO, online concept. Notepad with message, pen, coffee cup and

The reputation of the firm is very important for you to consider before you decide. You have to remember that you are referring to professionals that are expected to make a huge difference on your current online visibility or not. Naturally you are hoping to find a provider that can really address your needs and would want to avoid those people who have been getting some bad reps with the way they offer their assistance. So, scour the web to find more details about who these providers are or what it is that they represent.

Get references. You need to see names of actual clients that these providers have extended their SEO optimization services to so you get an idea of what can be expected of them if they are ever tapped to seek out your assistance. You will certainly want to find the right firms that can help improve your overall ranking if you have been having a hard time getting better online presence moving forward. Check reviews and feedback from other people that have had the chance of hiring these firms so you will know what to expect if you will decide to secure their assistance as well.

Do not forget to consider the costs that you need to cover when you will decide to secure their services. You need to remember that the best providers are not going to be the cheapest. Be prepared to pay the right sum to ensure that at the end of the day, you get the best out of what service they can extend.

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The traditional means of marketing your business has become obsolete. If you only stick to the old methods your business would become irrelevant in no time. It is best that you explore the modern means of marketing that can effectively return the numbers you desire. Here are some of the many ways to achieve this.


Use Facebook

Social media has taken the millennials by storm. It has now become an inseparable way of life that everyone is compelled to join in. You may not be a millennial but you need to understand how the current consumers communicate so you can insert your products relevance in their lifestyle and eventually make an effective pitch. Facebook is one of the widely used social media platforms. Have your brand represented by having an account or a page where potential customers can look up your product.


Have a Website

Some people only trust a business and consider them real and legit if they have an official website with a domain name that is exclusively for them. This is the reason why you should have one for your business. A website works like a branch that you are hosting on a virtual platform. It provides a great avenue for your potential customers to communicate and ask questions about your products.

Customize Office Equipment

Lanyards, mugs and even office supplies such as writing pads and presentation folders can be customized to have your own design, your own logo and your own brand promise embedded to it. These are items that you use in the office every day and sometimes you give to customers and prospective clients. Have them remember your products and services as well as the quality of work that you deliver by customizing these items. For advice and information on customizing office supplies visit bellgraphics.co.uk.

Offer free Product Testing

There is a reason behind stalls and booths in supermarkets giving free taste of products available. Sometimes advertisements and traditional marketing strategies are not just enough to convince people. There are times when you have to give them a taste of a part of a the cake so you can convince them to buy the rest of it. Offering a free product testing is a good way to have customers understand the quality of what you offer or sell.


Provide Discounts

Whenever you are walking inside a mall and a shop flashes this huge “SALE” sign board your eyes would go nuts to check out what it is that they have even from the outside. The impact of putting items on sale allows customers to be a little adventurous in trying new things and taking risks because the amount involved is not very significant.

Marketing bridges the gap between your brand promise and the group of people who need and who are searching for that promise. Letting your target customers know that your products and services exist can be challenging. A good way to reduce the load is to explore creative means of marketing your business.

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Putting up a business means being responsible. You have to be mature enough  to have a business and be ready for all the needed things. One should be ready financially, physically and emotionally. Having a business really takes time and effort as you are starting everything from scratch. Planning is the best way to start a business.

Yes, you need to plan your business as to what kind of business you will have to put up, the people who will be working for you, how much money you have to put up and especially the materials and equipments you will be needing. There are business that needs huge machines and a lot of materials while others only have their computer and little or small equipment’s needed to start the business. One of this is the calendar printing business.  You can have a calendar printing business at home and have it done online.  So here are the necessary things you need to start this kind of business.


A good printer that works wonders is the most important thing in your business. This is a calendar printing business and you need to have only the best printer. There are a lot of different kinds of printer. This is printing business and you need to buy a lot of printers as well because in the long run you will have a lot of orders and one printer is not enough.

  1. Supplies for the printer is necessary and you will be needing a lot of these. Like the ink, ribbon and the kind of paper you need to print on.
  2. A handheld to machine operated cutter is another important equipment for your card printing business. If you are planning different sizes of calendars then you should have the different sizes and designs of cutters. Some prefer to have the machine cutter because you can really work fast while others prefer to have the hand held cutter but this will really take time especially if your product you are selling is bigger than the cutter itself.
  3. Choose the best and the right program or design for your calendar. There are online templates that you can follow and begin to choose from there. There are differ designs and images and templates. You can also get to choose the kind of design software that will be able to help you out in your design. You can also check out http://www.bellgraphics.co.uk/ for more information regarding calendar printing business.

You can set up the right calendar printing business today and start browsing through the internet about this. Make sure you get the right kind of equipment’s and be sure they are all durable and with good quality.  You must put into mind that the best calendar comes from the equipment that one uses. If your materials and equipment are not that of good standards then your output is not good. Do double or triple check the equipment before you purchase.

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 Budget – Setting a budget in any project that you will be working on is not a bad idea; it would give you the range as well of what are the products that you can buy with that allocated budget, it would keep you from overspending on something that is not really necessary, like when someone is so persuasive in making you buy some extras when you just wasn’t them to create table talkers for you business. Basically setting a budget is definitely not wrong but it could go wrong when you will base the product that you will buy mainly on a small budget that you have, you do not want to do that because that will sacrifice the quality of the products that you will be getting. This means that you do not need to choose the cheapest one, take advantage of high quality ones, therefore you need to keep an open mind when there is another high quality product that could make you spend a bit more than your allocated budget or you can simply set an average price as your minimum budget and up to the amount of money that you are willing to spend.


 Short terms – one thing that you mostly get it wrong is that when you are only thinking for short term effects or use, like if you are trying to get some good table talkers from bellgraphics.co.uk for example, then you insist that you just want to have the cheapest one because that will only just for one event, no you would want to save some bills while getting some good table talkers and to do that is to think for a long term use those table talkers. So what you can do is that for events like the same occasions, like birthdays, weddings, you can actually recycle them, in that way, in every event, you do not need to order another set of table talkers for the same event however you need to make sure that those table talkers for the same events are kind of generic because you do not want to have the info of your previous client to the next event of another client, that is really off, and even rude perhaps.

Uninvolved – This is the most common mistakes that you and other people make is when you try to get some good table talkers but then you are not involved in the designing process or you do not have an open communication with the supplier to check how things are currently going on the table talkers that they are creating for you. Basically, what would happen if you are not involved in the process is that you would be n for surprises, and you know that not all surprises make people happy, there are bad surprises and you do not want that.

No plan – Another mistake that you cannot afford to make is when you do not plan for any design or output or how your table talkers would look like and making it clear to the supplier what output should look like as early as possible, because again you will be placing yourself for surprises, you can’t afford wasting another time to redo it, no one can afford to waste time and it would also take another cash for it to redo. Therefore, to avoid such unnecessary problem, you need to think what the table talkers would look like in the end and tell your supplier about it as early as possible.

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One of the tendencies when you are so into web designing is that you will be overdesigning your craft and that is a no, no in the web designing industry. When you are designing a website and especially when it is your first time to design then make sure that you do not overdesign so in order to make sure that you do not overdo it is to make sure that if you want to put some art on the fonts just make sure that they are readable, you can get anyone just to check if those are still readable to them, and also make sure that you only highlight the most important thing/s.

Another thing is that you must have your web design to be compatible with all devices such as desktops, mobile and tablet or any other device that you want to have access to your website because most often than not, people are using their phones to browse to the internet instead of using laptops or desktops that is why you need to make sure that your design are highly compatible to any devices if possible. This is a must because you do not want to lose readers or viewers just because they do not want to scroll down so much or to spend time zooming in and out from your web page or every web page because it is was set up for desktop screens.


 Then another thing to keep in mind when you are doing web design is to keep things short, simple direct to the point as much as possible. Aside from the fact that you need to make your site to be user friendly, you also need to keep it reader friendly as well like you need to keep the number of your site pages to a minimum to avoid confusion to your readers and or viewers.

Next is that you should create a plan instead of just creating a web design, like whatever that would come in to your mind while doing the web design, do not do that, make sure that you have a solid plan before creating a web design because yes you can always change it or update it anytime you want but that will just waste another time. So before you even start, might as well have a solid plan so that you won’t have to redo it.

And then, one of the most important things when doing web design is that you need to make sure that every page you create would coordinate with the home page or all of them would coordinate to one another, not like every page you go would look like you are routed to a different website because doing so will just create confusion to your site visitors. So to make sure that you are getting the right and proper services that and it is already done correctly on the first time so that there will be no time wasted in then visit tymedia.co.uk.

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if there is one thing that you need to remember about your business card, it is that it serves as a snapshot, a glimpse to the kind of personal brand that you have attached to your business. It serves as the first look of your business to the people that you are giving them to on the kind of service that they can expect from you if they will ever make the decision of dealing with you. This is the reason why you have to pay particular attention on how they are printed and made.

When you give out business cards, you are trying to make an impression of how professional and high quality your company and your services are. The way these cards are made and printed can often be viewed as a reflection of that. This is why a lot of business owners tend to make it a point to ensure that what they are getting printed out every time they need new batches for their venture are business cards that will never be left wanting where aesthetics and quality go.

This should not be that hard to do through especially if one were to consider the fact that there are a number of providers that can be found around that can make these cards for you. There are even websites like mbizcard.me that specialize in the creating and the making of these kinds of cars. Of course, you have to remember that these providers can’t be expected to deliver equal quality of service. So, it really has to be up to you to determine which among them can get you the kinds of business cards that would be worthy for you to pay for.

Decide whether you want them to create a new logo for you or a new design or if you would want them to use an exerting artwork. You would prefer if these are providers that are flexible enough to get things done on accordance to your preferences and your wishes. This ensures that you will be able to get them to do things exactly the way that you need them to. Thus, you are confident that the resulting business cards that they will deliver to you are ones that are not going to be disappointing.

See some of the past works that they have done as well. You definitely need to see if these are people that can get things done in accordance to how you would expect them to be done. Take a look at samples of their work and see if the way they did things are good enough for you. Consider the different styles and designs that they can propose to you too so you can pick the one that you know is going to suit your preferences and the kind of image that you are trying to build for your firm.

Do not forget to check the price that is involved in getting these cards made as well. Take the time to find out about the different offers that other providers can extend to you if you are going to let them do the cards. Never go for the cheapest price as well. After all, quality products have very seldom been equated to cheap rates. If you want impressive results, expect that you are going to need to pay the right price.

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While it may seem that creating and maintaining a website for your business will just add another pile of work for you, there are reasons you should consider first in creating a website because it is important to your business. Customers are not only on the streets walking and entering your shop at a first glance, there are tons browsing on the internet looking for a good service or products and you can grab that opportunity. Here are some reasons you should consider as to why a website is important to your business.


Creating a website and hiring a web developer to develop it would cost around a few hundred dollars. It’s worth investing your money because you are creating an online presence for your shop. There are numerous potential clients out there looking online than just walking down the streets. Receiving more clients is a great deal in exchange for a few hundreds you spent on making your website. There are various web developers out there that you can hire while sticking within your budget range. You can start by visiting website-rescuers.com.au and talk to them about how you want your website to look like without spending tons of money.


Managing your business online runs 24/7. Even if it’s 3 in the morning and a customer inquires about your product or service and wants it to be delivered the next day, it’ll be very convenient for both of you and the customer. Whether they’re just lying on the couch on their house or inside a coffee shop, they can easily get some access to your business and buy something in just one click rather than having a trip to your store.


Most of the customers don’t like walking down the busy streets of downtown to shop for a single bag when they can just order it online. It’d be very convenient for them to look for something inside the comfort of their house rather than shopping under the heat of the sun. You should adjust where your customers feel comfortable in.

Good reputation

Managing a website gives you a chance to post your client’s testimonies about your shop. Smart customer always looks for reviews or testimonies before purchasing from an online shop. You may add a comment section or message board where your customers can leave their impression about your business and let the other potential clients see it and somehow give them the credibility to purchase from your shop.

Increased brand awareness

By managing your business online, you are exposing your business to the whole nation without having to build another branch from town to town. Customers from different area might stumble with your site and this is a great opportunity to draw more clients to your shop and increase the sales. This is also a way of improving the transparency of your business and brand awareness.

Effective marketing strategies

There are numerous marketing strategies you can try online and most of them are effective. Your marketing strategies to catch the attention of your customers depends on what kind of product or service does your business provide. Nevertheless, marketing online is a great advantage to every businessman out there.

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