Protecting Sensitive Documents

Posted By on Jan 30, 2017 |

There are a lot of dangers to worry about in the office from electrical faults to pipe bursts and flooding where paperwork and documentation is at risk of damage. You can’t protect the office from everything but you can do what you can to put measures in place in case of natural disaster. Bricks and laminated, two inch thick windows don’t always hold against natural disaster. Natural and human disaster can affect your offices and your business just as much as it can affect your home. Think of the bombings in London on 7/7 that affected the surrounding areas above the tube station or the 9/11 massacre, these are all horrific disasters that affected businesses. Companies like can show you how to maximise on your document protection in the anticipation of an event that is disastrous.

Protecting your documents and maintaining your storage for business documents is one of the first things to remember when it comes to disasters in the offices. Not many businesses use cabinets and folders of paperwork anymore as everyone leans more toward protecting their carbon footprint nowadays and most documentation is scanned in and uploaded to systems or an iCloud WiFi. Filing cabinets stuffed full of file after file with personal customer or candidate details are turning into the thing of the past as most companies use the best document management tool available to them for their business. Fire and flood are the two main disasters that can really hurt your business if you don’t have a backup system and sometimes even with a backup system like a desktop computer, disasters can still happen. Of course there are companies out there that are able to restore your documents back to their original purpose and these can cost money, but first and foremost protecting the paper work you have is important.


Scanning in your paperwork and moving it online means that even in the event of a flood through the computer systems and existing IT infrastructure, you have your important documentation squared away and safe so you can access it all over again. A lot of companies have dusty basements or cellars stuffed full of filing cabinets and the issue with that is you can actually risk mould and mildew damage on the paperwork. Of course not every basement is unsafe for your documents but if the office is damp then you definitely risk it. Tightly packed paperwork doesn’t easily become affected by mould and mildew and there are several thousand species of mould all of which can be very damaging to paperwork. Not only that but it can have severe health and safety repercussions. Did you know that mould growth on water damaged documents can start within 24 hours? You have to move the documents to frozen storage to prevent this deterioration spreading.

Air drying and freeze vacuum drying are the only ways you can restore paper documentation from water and mould damage but if you want to avoid the costs altogether then the best course of action for your business is to move your entire paper based system over to the cloud and use protected document management software. This way you can save yourself recovery action and a fat pay out!